CT2N6 is a microcontroller-based wiper control system for 6 wiper motors.
CT2N6 is composed by one control panel CP4P63 and two relay boxes SRM3P.
Control panel is connected to relay boxes by two serial cable (CANBUS cable) with two 8 pole plugs. Every unit has two plugs (in parallel) and any one or both can be used.
Each button manages two wipers.

three intermittent speeds (four in case of single speed motor)
one or two continuous speeds
synchronized brushes at any mode
motor brake
washing program
an additive control panel CP4P63 can be added to work from different stations

Power supply10V to 30V DC
Internal fuses12A self-resetting fuse for each motor
Stand-by currentLess than 70 mA at 10V and less than 40 mA at 30V
ProtectionsPolarity inversion
Motors- output currentsSingle or double speed – each motor 12 Amps max.
Inputs3 parking switches (open in park position)
Outputs3 SLOW speed Imax = 12A
3 HIGH speed (if using two speed motors) Imax = 12A
1 wash pump (positive pole) SLOW Imax = 1A
Functions3 or 4 intermittent settings
1 or 2 continuous speeds (slow and high speed)
Wash / wipe program
Connections2x Relay box SRM3P
3x 4 poles connectors
2x male 9,5 mm fast-on
1x male 6,3 mm fast-on
2x 8 poles connectors RJ45 (can bus network)

Control panel CP4P63
2x 8 poles connectors RJ45 (can bus network)
CaseRelay box: Grey ABS
Control panel: Metal case
Frontal panel protection IP65
Working temperature-25 °C / +50 °C
Storage temperature-30 °C / +80 °C
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