CM20 / CM30


CM20 / CM 30 are digital panels suitable for mid-power engines.
They represent the ideal solution when all engine basic readings have to be monitored.
Inputs are compatible with the most common commercial transducers.
CM20 / CM30 can be installed on the dashboard or on a electric board protecting the back against water. Control and visualization parts are protected by a polycarbonate front mounted on an aluminum support.

Standard Features

  • Readings
    – RPM
    – Working hours
    – Battery voltage
    – Water temperature
    – Fuel level
    – Engine Oil pressure
  • Alarms
    – Low oil pressure
    – High water temperature
    – Alternator
    – Low battery
    – Alarm 1
    – Low fuel level
    – Preheating (only on request)
  • Variable brightness intensity

On request

  • Automatic stop
  • Automatic stop selector (override)
  • Acoustic alarm remote repeating
  • Remote alarm/signalling acknowledgment input
  • Pre-heating management
  • Two or more panels connected together for a control Multi-Station
  • The monitoring unit can be supplied apart
  • Painted metal enclosure box, fixed by four anti-vibration supports

Power supply12 Vcc (6-15 V) - 12/24Vcc (10-30 V)
Power consumption< 6 W
ProtectionsPolarity inversion
Battery disconnecting extravoltage (not repeatitive)
Working temperature- 10 °C / + 60 °C
Storage temperature- 30 °C / + 70 °C
Visualization3 rows display and variable luminous intensity
Acoustic notificationBuzzer 5-30 Vcc
Inputs3 analog and 6 digital
Outputs (on request)Automatic engine stop
Engine revolutionAlternator “W” contact
Analog readingsVeglia, VDO
Size (mm)246 x 138 x 100
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