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CM40 is a digital engine control panel suitable for low power engines. Small sizes make it ideal for dashboards where space is one of the most important needs, without giving up the main engine basic readings.
CM40 can be installed on the dashboard or on a electric board protecting the back against water. Control and visualization parts are protected by a polycarbonate front mounted on an aluminum support.

Standard Features
Four readings in a 4-digits 7-segments display:
– Working hours
– Battery voltage
– Water temperature
Five warning lamps for signallings and alarms:
– High water temperature
– Low oil pressure
– Alternator
– Preheating
– Low battery
Variable brightness intensity

On request
Automatic stop
Automatic stop selector (override)
Pre-heating management
Oil pressure or Fuel level instead of Water temperature
Remote alarm/signalling acknowledgment input
Smart painted metal box , fixed by four anti-vibration supports

Power supply12Vcc min 7V, max 15V
Power consumption< 4W
ProtectionsPolarity inversion, battery disconnecting extravoltage (not repetitive)
Working temperature-10 °C / +60 °C
Storage temperature-30 °C / +70 °C
Visualization4-digits 7-segments led display
Acoustic signallingBuzzer 5-30 Vcc
Inputs2 analog and 6 digital
Outputs (on request)Automatic engine stop
Engine revolutionAlternator “W” contact
Temperature readingVeglia, VDO
Size (mm)185 x 98 x 100
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