Available colors 


Anthracite Grey               White

Fully programmable digital control panel suitable for low-power and mid-power engines.
Visualized readings and alarms management are fully customizable.
It reads signals from analogue transducers, ON/OFF contacts, CANBUS and RS485 serial buses.
CM60 can perform the automatic engine start and stop, therefore can be used on gen-sets.
The monochromatic display is readable in every environmental condition, even in full sunlight.
CM60 records all the significant events, similar to a “black box”.

Standard Features

  • High contrast monochromatic LCD sun light readable
  • 6+6 analogue readings displayed
  • 8+8 icons/warning-lights for alarms/safeties/faults signallings
  • Two text rows dedicated to messages display
  • Manual adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • 5 output relays with selectable function
  • Automatic stop
  • Acoustic alarm remote repeating
  • Remote alarm/signalling acknowledgment input
  • Pre-heating management related to the engine water temperature
  • Two or more panels connected together for a control Multi-Station

On request

  • Painted metal enclosure box, fixed by four anti-vibration supports.

Power supplyUniversal 12/24 Vcc (from 10 up to 30 V)
Power consumptionLess than 7 Watt (tachometer consumption not included)
ProtectionsPolarity inversion
Battery disconnecting extra voltage (not repetitive)
Working temperature-20 / +60 °C
Storage temperature-30 / +80 °C
VisualizationTransflective Backlit LCD display 128 x 64 dots
Acoustic notificationBuzzer 5 – 30 Vcc
Serial linesCANBUS and RS485
Outputs System ready
5 Relays
Alternator excitation
Tachometer power supply
Tachometer backlighting
Engine revolutionAlternator “W” contact
Magnetic pick-up
Reading from CANBUS (J1939) or customized messages
Analog readingsAll the common transducers and 4-20 mA
Size (mm)222 x 135
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