CT2N5 is a microcontroller-based wiper control system for 5 wiper motors.
CT2N5 is composed of one control panel CP4P5 and one relay box SRM5P.
Control panel is connected to relay box by one serial cable (CANBUS cable) with two 8 pole plugs. Every unit has two plugs (in parallel) and any one or both can be used.
Each wiper can be switched on one by one.


  • three intermittent speeds (four in case of single speed motor)
  • one or two continuous speeds
  • synchronized brushes at any mode
  • motor brake
  • washing program
  • an additive control panel CP4P5 can be added to work from different stations

Power supply10V to 30V DC
Internal fuses12A self-resetting fuse for each motor
Stand-by currentLess than 70 mA at 10V and less than 40 mA at 30V
ProtectionsPolarity inversion
Motors- output currentsSingle or double speed – each motor 12 Amps max.
InputsFrom 2 to 5 parking switches (open in park position)
Outputs5 SLOW speed Imax = 12A
5 HIGH speed (if using two speed motors) Imax = 12A
1 wash pump (positive pole) SLOW Imax = 1A
Functions3 or 4 intermittent settings
1 or 2 continuous speeds (slow and high speed)
Wash / wipe program
Wash / wipe program
ConnectionsRelay box SRM5P
5x 4 poles connectors
4x male 9,5 mm fast-on
1x male 6,3 mm fast-on
2x 8 poles connectors RJ45 (can bus network)

Control panel CP4P5
2x 8 poles connectors RJ45 (can bus network)
CaseRelay box: Grey ABS
Control panel: Metal case
Frontal panel protection IP65
Working temperature-25 °C / +50 °C
Storage temperature-30 °C / +80 °C
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