Control system for two wipers suited for low power motors. It’s an all in one system, it doesn’t need additional relay boxes, that makes it easy to mount (no screws are needed).
It replaces up to three standard switches and it’s suited for motors provided with parking switch. It works both with single speed and double speed motors.
Three buttons in the switch allow to manage all the functions needed for windscreen cleaning: ON/OFF, timing and washing program.
It is user friendly and it can be easily installed in few minutes, no screws are needed.


  • 3 intermittent speed
  • one or two continuous speed
  • motor brake
  • washing program

Power supply10V to 30V DC
Internal fuses4 Amps, self-resettable PTC
Stand-by currentLess than 20 mA
ProtectionsPolarity inversion
Motors- output currentsSingle or double speed – 4 Amps max.
Inputs2 parking switch (open in park position)
Dimmer (connect to + supply if not used)
Outputs2 slow speed – L and R SLOW
2 high speed – L and R FAST (if 2 speed motors)
1 wash pump (positive pole)
Functions3 intermittent settings
2 continuous speeds, slow and high speed
Wash / wipe program
Connections10 poles connector
2x male 6,3 mm fast-on
CaseABS black
Working temperature-10 °C / +50 °C
Storage temperature-20 °C / +70 °C
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