RA20 is a programmable unit, fit for systems where high precision engine revolutions reading and engine management are required.
Input signal is provided by alternator “W” contact or coming from the most common transducers (magnetic pick-up on crowned wheel or PNP and NPN proximity switches).
Working Hours alarm is used fot maintenance or oil change management.
Instrument can be set to read very low RPM, also displayed with a decimal digit.

Power supply12/24 Vcc (10 - 30 Vcc)
Power consumption< 200 mA 12V - < 100 mA 24V
Working temperature–5 / 60 °C
Range of measurefrom 1 - 50000 RPM
Accuracy< 1 at 6000 RPM
Resolution1 or 10 RPM
Max input frequency5 KHz for PNP and NPN
10 KHz for “W” contact 20 KHz for magnetic
AlarmsTwo adjustable threshold for each alarm
LEDs signalings
Buzzer repeating or A1 alarm repeating (A2 disabled)
Relay OutputSPDT Imax = 2A res. / Vmax = 50 V
Alarms Outputs (RA22 only)SPDT Imax = 2A res. / Vmax = 50 V for every single threshold
RPM calibration00.01 - 39.99 (1 step = 0.01)
40 - 500 (1 step = 1)
Size DIM 43700 (mm)48 x 96 x 120
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